• Dear Parents and Students,                                 
    Welcome to Sugarloaf School, home of the Sharks!
    It is with pleasure that I welcome you and your child to the start of the new school year. We are going to have a busy and productive year, filled with exciting learning activities, social events, school fundraisers, and so much more.
    Throughout the year, I will keep you informed of everything that’s going on in our classroom, plans, your child’s progress and all the activities that will make this a successful and memorable year!

    Important Information:

    Sugarloaf Elementary School Kindergarten Supply List

    *All supplies will be shared. Write your child’s name only on the backpack, headphones, plastic pencil box, clothing and lunchbox. Please do not write names on anything else.*All supplies are needed beginning day 1.

    4 boxes of 16 Crayola crayons

    1 pair of Fiskars blunt scissors (extras would be appreciated)

    8 Elmer’s glue sticks

    24 yellow #2 pencils (Ticonderoga brand are the best.)

    2 large pink erasers

    1 Primary Composition Book (not spiral)

    1 Plastic Pocket Folder with prongs

    1 pack of printer copy paper

    1 box tissues

    1 pump bottle of hand sanitizer

    1 set of inexpensive headphones (No ear buds)

    1 plastic pencil box- Must close tightly, fit all supplies (when they are passed out) except headphones and be small enough to fit in cubbie.

    *1 large zippered backpack (no wheels) - Students must bring this every day. *Students must have a change of clothes in a Ziploc bag (shorts, shirt, underwear, socks) in case of accident, sickness or spills.

    *Lunch box-Your child needs a lunchbox if he/she is bringing lunch.

    Optional/Wish List:                                                                                                
    Classroom Sponsorship money                                                
    (preferred over School Store contribution)          

    Twistable crayons
    Cardstock colored pencils
    Ziploc bags (all sizes)
    paper plates (small and large)                                                                                             

    3 oz. paper cups wipes                                                                                                       
    white or brown paper lunch bags                                                                                        
    Packs of white Tee shirts, child sized (students paint these for special occasions)
    1 box band-aids


     Breakfast and Lunch Prices (New prices posted on District Website)
    You can pay in the cafeteria or online. If you need to send money to school, please send it in an envelope with your teacher’s name (Mrs. Palladino), child’s name and room number (111) on it.
    2017-18 Breakfast and Lunch Prices
    Grades K-5  Breakfast $1.75, Lunch $2.50
    Grades 6-12  Breakfast $1.75, Lunch $2.85
    All Grades Reduced Breakfast $.30, Reduced Lunch $.40
    Adult  Breakfast $2.25, Lunch $3.60

    Snack Time-If time permits, we may have a scheduled snack time in the afternoon everyday. If you wish to have your child have a snack then, please send one small healthy snack/drink for your child to eat in the afternoon. Please no soda, candy, etc.   *Be sure your child has a spoon or straw if needed and that he/she is able to open the containers for snack or lunch.
    Toys- Please keep toys at home unless otherwise notified of a special activity or share time.
    Sneakers- Students must wear appropriate footwear every day. Sneakers or tennis shoes and socks are the best for safety.  We go the playground daily and to PE twice a week.
    Behavior Sharks-Stapled to your child’s daily papers will be a Behavior Shark indicating his or her behavior that day. Please discuss this with your child daily.
    Key: Real star sticker-Excellent (I followed the rules.)
             Plain star- I broke 1 rule.
             Crossed our star-I broke more than 1 rule (A note will accompany. Please sign and return the  
             next day.)
    We have a Behavior Board in the classroom called the OOPS BOARD! If a student chooses to break the rules after verbal warnings, their name will go on the board and they will lose their sticker star. This results in a possible loss of some recess time and it will be noted on their daily Behavior Shark. Any severe disruptions will result in the student being sent to the Assistant Principal. Students who behave appropriately will be positively rewarded with frequent, consistent verbal praise, a star on their daily Behavior Shark and may choose an item from our class “Treasure Box” or prize box. It is in your child’s best interest that we work together with regard to his or her education.
    The school has a Positive Behavior ticket program (PBIS). All tickets will stay at school and will be turned in to the teacher for rewards, prizes and special activities.
    Children learn best when they know what is expected of them.
    Our basic class rules are:
    1. Listen.
    2. Follow directions.
    3. Raise your hand and wait to be called on.
    4. Work quietly.
    5. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

    Sugarloaf School/PBIS Rules (PBIS is our positive behavior system)
    Students can earn tickets by following these rules in the classroom, hallway, cafeteria, recess and bus.
    Show Respect
    Have Responsibility
    Actively Participate
    Ready to Learn
    Keep Safe
    Classroom/School/Homework- I will be sending home a Weekly Newsletter and Homework packet at the beginning of every week with important skills and concepts your child will be working on and important weekly information. Please review and reinforce and concepts during the week with your child at home every day. Homework must be signed by a parent and is due on Fridays. Students should do the writing themselves.

    Morning- If your child does not ride a bus, please drop your child off in the cafeteria from 7:45-7:55.  Parents needing to get to work earlier may drop the child at the Media Center/ Library at 7:00 A.M. They will be walked to the cafeteria at 7:45.If your child is eating a school breakfast, please be sure they are here by 7:45 so they have time to eat.  I will pick up students from the cafeteria at 7:58 and walk them to class to begin our busy day. Please do not come directly to the classroom. If you are late, you must go to the Office for a late slip.
    Afternoon- Please do not pick up your child at the classroom. I will line students up in the classroom. I will walk the whole class, dropping off bus riders and daycare first and then walking pick-ups back to the elementary side where our big Shark is at approximately 2:50-3:00. We will sit on the benches to wait. Cars should line up there for pick-ups. Your child will be walked to the car. Please be patient to ensure all students’ safety. Be sure to bring identification whenever you pick up your child. If you are late, your child be waiting in the Office.
    Absences-If your child is absent from school, please call the school in the morning at 745-3282. When your child returns to school, please send a note stating the reason for the absence.
    Early Pick up – If you need to pick your child up early, please call the school by 1:30. Be sure to also let the teacher know in writing the day before or at the beginning of the day. You must go to the Office to sign your child out and they will call for the student. Always call the Office for early pick up.
    If you have any concerns or questions, please call me at school 745-3282 Ext. 50331. I will return your call as soon as possible. Or you can send a note to me with your child or e-mail my school address:
    I am looking forward to a great year! Thank you in advance for all your help and support this year, in the interest of your child’s education!
    Mrs. Palladino