• Switlik’s April
    Students of the Month

    Stanley Switlik recognizes our PBS Students of the Month for April. These students make positive behavior choices on a daily basis and set an example, leading other students to follow them in deciding to do the “right thing”.
    From left are:; K - Elianys R - Ms.Ferrise; Grade 4 – Manny F – Ms. Young; Grade 2 – Brooklyn B – Ms. Vals; Grade 1 – Isaak V – Ms. Doyle; Grade 3 – Kathleen V – Ms. Fenhoff; PK – David H – Ms. Jenny Wile; Grade 5 – Riley M – Ms. Wert. Ms. Jenny Wile and Ms. Darczuk are standing behind the students.
    Students are pictured holding their certificates, as well as a coupon for a free pizza Papa John’s Pizza, Switlik’s fabulous sponsor of the  Students of the Month program.
    Thank You Papa John’s!!      

    PBS Monthly Reward-April 
    Ms. Jimenez’s first graders posing as they enjoy their monthly reward - Facial Hair Day!
    In the words of Ms. Jimenez, “If you moustache, it was a great hit”.

    Switlik Students of the Month 2016

    Stanley Switlik recognizes our January Students of the Month  because these students make the right choice on a daily basis. They are Switlik’s role models for exemplary behavior.
    From left are: Grade 2 – Jenice Aldana - Ms. Worthington; Ms. Darczuk, counselor; Grade 1 – Nathalie Miranda – Ms. Mercury; Grade 5 – Jay Sweeney – Ms. Ozbun; Grade 4 – Alejandro Nodarse – Ms. Osborn;. Grade 3 – Dakota Coleman - Ms. Lyons; PK – Andy Vega – Ms. Emily Smith; K – Ethan Wohlers – Ms. Voellliger. Seated in center is Mr. Unke, principal.  
    Students are holding certificates as well as coupons from Papa John’s Pizza, for which they receive a free pizza. Thank you Papa John’s for your generous sponsorship of our Students of the Month program. Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated!   

    Switlik Students of the Month 2015

    Big shout-out to
    Switlik’s December Students of the Month!  These students consistently choose to make positive behavior choices and are recognized as behavioral role models.

    From left are: PK - Tony Barrera – Ms. Jennifer Wile; K -Luca Picariello – Ms. Cohen; Grade 1 Melissa Solis - Mr. Willis; Grade 2 - Alaric Rodriguez – Ms. Tami Wile; Grade 3 - David Fernandez - Padilla - Ms. Fenhoff; Grade 4 - Travis Platter – Ms. Norman; Grade 5 - Sabrina Gordillo-Perez – Ms. Smith. Standing behind students are, Ms. Darczuk, counselor and 
    Ms. Rodriguez, Dean of Students.
    Students are recognized by Papa John’s and receive a free pizza. Thank you Papa John’s for sponsoring our Students of the Month program and continued support. We greatly appreciate it!       

    October Students of the Month 2015 

    Stanley Switlik is so proud of and recognizes our Positive Behavior Students (PBS) Students of the Month for October. These students represent their grade level for exemplifying students who make positive choices. This includes helping others and demonstrating positive leadership skills. They are bottom row from left; Grade   3– Brian Broche – Ms. Depastino; Kindergarten – Elizabeth Perez; Grade  1 – Isaac Lagos Ms. Mercury. Row 2 from left; Grade 2 – Eduardo Garcia – Ms. Sullivan; Grade  4  - Kaesha Christian – Ms. Young; Grade 5 – Ashley Eick – Ms. Ozbun, Counselor, Ms. Darczuk. Not pictured here is PK student, Josue Vargas – Ms. Bass.

    September Students of the Month 2015

    Pictured here are Stanley Switlik’s Positive Behavior Students (PBS) Students of the Month for October. These students have been chosen to represent their grade level for setting good examples for others by making good choices and through their overall positive behavior. They are from left: Kindergarten - Colton Huff – Ms. Ferrise, Grade   1Bryan Bravo-Cinto -  Ms. Doyle, Grade 2 - Alexa Weller-Parsons, Grade 3 - Angeline Zambrano – Ms. Dennington, Grade   4  - Hitzali Romero – Ms. Zander, Grade 5 - Aneka Reid – Ms. Wert