• Laminator Usage Plan

    As a service to teachers, staff, and administrators, the media center provides laminating service for school use. The annual linear footage available per teacher/administrator without charge = 15 linear feet.* After that amount, you will be asked to contribute $.20 per linear foot plus the 1 foot (another $.20) start-up charge.
    Send me your materials to be laminated and I will attempt to group materials together to reduce the start-up wastage and keep track of individual usage. If you need something in a hurry, let me know and I will do it asap and charge you the one-foot start-up.
     *  Each start up of the machine uses approx. 1 linear foot so that would need to be factored into individual teacher usage. Thus it is advantageous to send your materials as a group to limit the number of times the machine has to start up.
    Each staff member gets 15 linear feet for free minus 1 foot for every time the machine starts up.
    After that it’s $.20/foot.
    Note: Teachers who use up their allotment could request permission to use another teacher’s allotment.