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    Career Planning
    Search careers, steps in planning, how to create a resume - website in muliple languages.

    Planning for College

    CollegeBoard - Sometimes the toughest part of planning something is just figuring out where to start. Get on track to finding an education and career track that matches your skills and preferences. Learn about all your options—and how you can achieve them.
    The largest and most complete source of scholarships available Personalized matching of scholarships to your unique profile Millions of scholarships worth billions of dollars available! New scholarships added every day, all year long The best way to get money for school!
    Federal Student Aid
    Federal student aid on the web - in English and Spanish - My FSA
    Financial Aid Planning
    Financial Aid Planning assists students and parents in understanding what financial aid programs are available, provides a step-by-step guide to applying for financial aid, scholarship information and much more.
    Florida's Bright Futures
    The Florida Legislature created the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program. This Florida Lottery-funded scholarship rewards students for their academic achievements during high school by providing funding for them to pursue postsecondary educational and career goals in Florida.
    Florida DOE
    College and Beyond
    College & Beyond is your one-stop for information on community colleges, universities, workforce and so much more. Explore this area as you continue your educational journey.
    Funding Your Education

    Financial Aid Resource Publications from the U.S. Department of Education

    Mapping Your Future
    Mapping Your Future, where you can explore careers, prepare for college (help with selecting a school and applying for admission), pay for college (financial aid!), and manage your money (student loans and more).
    My College Guide
    MyCollegeGuide.org is your one-stop site for free college information. Check out the site for the latest information on college admissions, student life, and planning for college. Get the info you need on college scholarships, college loans, and the ACT or SAT tests. Find the schools that fit you best by searching through our extensive list of colleges and universities.
    Occupational Outlook
    Bureau of Labor Statistics - For hundreds of different types of jobs—the Occupational Outlook Handbook tells you: the training and education needed, earnings, expected job prospects, what workers do on the job, and working conditions

    Pathways to Success: College and Career Readiness

    Middle and High School planning guide for students and parents (pdf document).
    Smart College Choices
    Using outcome data from the Florida Education and Training Placement Information Program, this portal is designed to be a user-friendly way for the public to get information about the career path of Florida College System students after graduation. It allows users to view graduation rates, employment statistics, and earnings data for graduates of the 28 Florida College System institutions and Florida Public School District Career Centers.
    Think College
    A comprehensive resource that provides nation-wide college and technical school options for students with Intellectual Disabilities.