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    Professional Development Contact
    Academic Connections for Excellence
    Coral Shores High School
    Gerald Adams Elementary School
    Kyle Sheer
    Horace O'Bryant Middle School
    Christine Novak
    Key Largo School
    Key West High School
    Tara Whitehead
    Keys Center
    Marathon Middle/High School
    Plantation Key School
    Poinciana Elementary School
    Jean Galvan
    Sigsbee Charter School
    Stanley Switlik Elementary School
    Kathy Depastino
    Sugarloaf School
    Treasure Village Montessori

    The Professional Development Contact at each school assists in the following capacities:
    1.      Work with principal and school leadership team to use student data, the School Improvement Plan (SIP), results from teacher needs assessments, summary of needs based on performance appraisal data, grade-level priorities, and other relevant information to determine school-based professional development initiatives.
    2.      Compile information from school-based professional development initiatives including Professional Learning Communities, Action Research Projects, the School Improvement Plan, and other relevant sources to develop the school-based professional development plan.  This plan will adhere to Professional Development Protocol and support efforts in the school to promote student achievement.  The plan will include a budget for all materials and resources needed to meet the professional development needs of the school.
    3.      Provide support for instructional staff for:
    • Professional Development Needs Assessment
    • Professional Development Web Site
    • My Learning Plan
    • Professional Development Modules including Black Board
    • Edivate
    • Professional Learning Communities
    • Action Research Projects
    4.      Establish Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and procedures at the beginning of the school year.  Each member of the PLC should receive a copy of the PLC District Guidelines and PLC Log.  One member will serve as the contact person, but leadership of the PLC can be shared.  The PLC members complete the PLC Summary Sheet for the school-based PD contact to keep on file.  Determine total number of credit hours possible and how partial credit will be awarded.
    total number of face-to-face meeting hours x 2 = possible points
    ˝ hour twice per month is 10 hours.  10 x 2 = 20 possible points
     5.      Establish Action Research Project procedures at the beginning of the school year.  Each participant should receive a copy of the Action Research District Guidelines.  Provide assistance as needed.